Read this article and discover the difference between generic domain names and brand names! Why are generic domain names so powerful?

Domain names are extremely important to brands, businesses, marketing, and etc. One thing that so many individuals and companies fail to understand is the power generic domains hold. What is the difference between generic domain names and brand names and why generic domains are so powerful?

What is The Difference?

A brand name is a term that is not usually known to an individual or other companies. A generic term is something that is already known to somebody. We are going to show you an example of what we are trying to say so that you can understand the difference between these terms better.

Fandango is a brand that sells movie tickets. In this case, Fandango is the brand name and movie tickets is the generic term. You probably are asking yourself – why a generic term such as is so essential and valuable.

You need to keep in mind that people usually use the search engines to type and search for generic terms such as movie tickets. The reason for this is the term is familiar to them, the term is easily remembered and also related to what the people are looking for at the moment. The brand name or the term Fandango, in this case, is not something that is naturally typed or known unless the brand is extremely popular due to an advertisement.

Consider a generic term, such as movie tickets as a domain name or It will be the brand’s job or Fandangos job to get the website rank well for keywords and terms relating to what the company offers. Individuals usually search for movie tickets and not a brand name such as Fandango. Also, the search engines love aged, generic, and .com domain names.

In this case, what ranks better on google for the search term movie tickets? According to the statistics, the domain name is followed by its matching account on Twitter or @movietickets. Today, this is how the online world is run. If you type the keywords movie tickets in the search box, the search engines job will give you the relevant results to it.

What about Fandango? This term also does a good job at ranking on Google but only for the generic term movie tickets.

We can conclude that is the ultimate winner here! The generic domains have the power and they are priceless!

As we already said, people naturally know and search for common and generic keywords and terms. If they are interested in something, they will start searching for the generic terms until they get what they need or what they want. It is simply how the internet works these days. The sooner you understand this, the better it will be for you and your online business. The generic terms are very easy to remember and memorize as they already exist in one person memory. Even though your brand name is simple or catchy, it is not natural for the people to know it from the start or to remember it.

There is a clear difference between generic domains and brand names and now you know it! So, keep in mind the generic .com domains make great brand names! The generic domains are simply powerful tools you can use to promote your brand online and to promote the products or services you are selling! By using generic domains and terms you will be able to develop a successful business online!


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